Bath & Tidy

Bath and Tidy


Bath & Tidy

Professional Dog Bath, Dry Tidy with Sue Palmer in Bentleigh. A Doggies Day Out Dog Bath and Tidy is thorough, loving and gentle. For all ages and breeds of dogs, Sue Palmer’s bath and tidy for dogs cleans, conditions and stimulates.

A bath and tidy is a specialized process that benefits dogs in every way. Sue Palmer has provided all breeds and sizes of dogs in the Bayside area with bath and tidies from her boutique salon for years. Many are regulars and know Sue well, making the experience even more of a joy.

Pre-brush, Bath & Massage

An initial pre-brushing removes dead hair, then a two-stage bathing process takes place. Massaging through in a warm bath with hypoallergenic shampoo, this gently stimulates and circulates, opening pores to deeply cleanse your dog's skin and completely remove dander.

Older dogs particularly respond to this stage, with a sense of warmth and wellbeing. And using the best products suitable for your dog, this bathing process also greatly helps prevent skin infection, fungal disease and “hot spots” on your dog.

Gentle Hand Dry, Brush & Tidy

Doggies Day Out, exclusively hand dries only, and do not use crates. Hand drying is superior, safer and there is no stress on your dog or risk of hyperventilation. As a dog grooming expert, this personalized drying stage also allows identification of growths or skin issues.

With a range of quality specialist brushes and tools, your doggies pampering continues. Eyes and ears are gently cleaned, hygiene areas trimmed, nails and face trimmed with style and to top it all off a complimentary doggie treat and bow or bandana!

Doggies Day Out Bath & Tidy:

  • 2-stage brushing & bathing
  • Hypoallergenic shampoo
  • Breed specific conditioner
  • Ears & eyes cleaned gently
  • Hygiene areas trimmed
  • Hand dried
  • Nails clipped
  • Face trimmed
  • FREE bandana or bow
  • Complimentary doggie treat

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