Professional Dog De-shedding Services


In the Bayside and Brighton areas, Sue Palmer's professional dog grooming salon, Doggies Day Out, provides complete de-shedding services, specialized and personalized for all types, sizes and breeds of dogs.

Deshedding promotes healthy skin and helps your dog attain and maintain a healthy coat. Using specialized brushes, rakes, and de-shedding tools, the de-shedding process is highly involved. Where brushing can achieve a lot, de-shedding goes deeper under the coat, closer to the skin.

Consummate Professional De-shedding

Sue Palmer at Doggies Day Out has the expertise, knowledge, and experience to utilize de-shedding equipment properly and treats your dog with the utmost gentle expert care. An extensive process, de-shedding techniques also vary depending on your dog.

The length, texture, and breed of your dog are some of the differences that determine the best approach for your dog. From top to bottom, the process is multi-layered with bathing and brushing using a slicker brush, specialized raking, controlled drying and stage-by-stage de-shedding.

De-shedding Enhances Your dog's Coat

Long haired, short haired, smooth haired and coarse-haired dogs will greatly benefit from Doggies Day Out de-shedding services. Deshedding can invigorate but not irritate, condition and bring new life to your dog's coat. Brushing alone cannot do this and if tried alone can damage your dog's skin.
Removing dead and loose hair at his level encourages new growth and preserves the coats texture. Promoting the health and highlighting the beauty of your dog's natural tones, de-shedding enhances both your dog's health and looks. With Doggies Day Out complete services, you know your dog's de-shedding will be spot on.

Doggies Day Out Deshedding

  • Specialized de-shedding
  • Breed & dog specific
  • Removes undercoat
  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Cleans under coat 
  • Pre-bath & brushing
  • Best quality tools
  • Coat conditioning treatment
  • Helps ongoing maintenance
  • Prevents matting 

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