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Pet Trims

Stylish Pet Trims For Your Dog at Doggies Day Out in Bentleigh. Doggies Day Out near Brighton, specialize in Pet Trims with style for your dog. In the Bayside area, Sue Palmer provides classic, fun and stylish trims to perfectly suit your dog.

In the comfort and safety of Doggies Day Out, your dog will enjoy being pampered by a true professional. Sue Palmer's friendly well-equipped salon is the perfect environment for a pet trim with style. In the expert hands of Sue, your doggie will come out a delight!

Practical, Convenient, Stylish Trims

Sue is an expert Dog Groomer and Breed Stylist and provides top class pet trims for all types of dogs. All breeds of dogs benefit from a professional trim. Keeping them healthier, happier and easier to maintain, a Doggies Day Out pet trim also leaves them smelling fresh and wonderfully clean.

Pet trims at Doggies Day Out are a consummate service; Sue uses only the best tools and equipment available for trimming, clipping, hand scissoring, bathing, stripping, hand drying and more. Each breed and dog is different and requires individual assessment.

Regular Trims for a Healthier Dog

Convenient to the Brighton and Bentleigh areas, many of Sue's customers are regular clients. The benefits of regular trims accrue as this allows Sue to get to know your dog and your dog becomes familiar with Sue. As well as this, Sue keeps a check of issues that may have appeared between sessions.

As an established professional, Sue is passionate about caring for dogs. A well looked after coat and skin helps prevents your dog from getting skin issues and pet trims are a smart way to help maintain your dog.

Doggies Day Out Pet Trims

  • Pet trims for dogs
  • Breed specific catered
  • Nail trimming
  • Baths & haircuts
  • Skin & coat conditioning 
  • Hand scissoring
  • Professional clipping
  • Styling to suit
  • Practical & convenient
  • Helps maintain health 

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