Skin & Coat

Skin and Coat Treatment

Bentleigh's Doggies Day Out provide Wholistic Dog Skin and Coat Treatments at Doggies Day Out professional dog grooming salon in Bentleigh, dogs receive the best Skin and Coat Treatments available, with the highest quality grooming products, specifically catered to your dog.

All Types of Dogs

No dog is the same and although your dog's breed may have things in common, at Doggies Day Out, every dog is treated individually. Your dog's skin and coat is a serious subject for Sue Palmer, who looks beyond the surface. Sue makes sure your dog's treatment is exactly right for your dog.

Skin and Coat Check

In assessing your dog's requirements, Sue has specialist knowledge as a breed specialist and expert groomer. This enables her to accurately prescribe the optimum treatment for your dog, starting with a preliminary check for issues such as bumps, rashes, flakes, odors or scabs and less obvious tell-tale signs such as bad odors.

Glossy and Healthy

The condition of your dog's skin and coat says a lot about their health. That's why Sue at Doggies Day Out takes a holistic approach to skin and coat treatment for dogs. Particularly important for dogs with atopic and allergic conditions and using the best hypoallergenic cosmeceutical treatment shampoos, conditioners, Thalasso Therapy and other grooming products, specified for your particular dog, her treatments are designed for your dog's total health resulting in improved skin hydration, protection of skin against environmental assaults and relief for skin inflammatory conditions.

Whatever breed of dog you have, a consultation with Sue will determine what's best for your dog. Some skin and coat conditions require longer-term solutions, and some may be easier to correct. Getting the best advice and treatment from Sue can transform your dog's skin and coat from dull to glossy and create a much happier dog.

Doggies Day Out Skin & Coat Treatment

  • All types of coats & skin
  • Individually treated
  • Deeply cleansing & healing
  • Prevents skin problems
  • Cleans & conditions 
  • Relief from itching
  • Prevents scratching
  • Healthier for dog & family
  • Strengthens skin & coat
  • Restores health holistically 

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