Tue – Wed: 8AM – 4:30PM No Daycare | Thur – Fri: 8AM – 5:10PM

Sat: From 8AM (By Appointment) No Daycare

Tue – Wed: 8AM – 4:30PM No Daycare

Thur – Fri: 8AM – 5:10PM

Sat: From 8AM (By Appointment) No Daycare

VIP Update For Forward Bookings

VIP Update

Online self-bookings are now open for VIP clients exclusively until TUESDAY 26TH MARCH after which time all clients will be invited to book for forward bookings until the end of June 2025. Large dogs will need to be booked on Thursday and Friday. Unlike previous years, we will have some availability in July.

Click here to access the booking form

Then select VIP Bookings Button


We have limited space on peak dates (e.g.: Christmas Eve)

  • Don’t panic – your current bookings will continue until end of June 2024.
  • VIP’s pre-book all appointments 6 weekly in advance until end of June 2025.
  • Salon open exclusively VIP Bookings for Small / Medium Dogs – Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
  • Salon open exclusively VIP Bookings for Large Dogs – Thursday, Friday.

For VIP eligibility, you need to…

  • Pay a deposit of $60 in addition to your first groom fee in the series each year.  If you maintain the required minimum number of  self-pre-booked appointments, the deposit contributes towards the cost of the final groom in the series  in May / June 2025.
  • Maintain annually: 
    • 8 appointments – small / medium dogs
    • 12 appointments – large dogs.*
  • If you cancel an appointment it must be rescheduled straight away to maintain your minimum number of appointments as above.  If the appointment is not rescheduled, the $60 deposit is forfeited and all subsequent appointments will revert to normal pricing and terms.

Let’s be straight up peeps, if you don’t show up to a scheduled appointment it means the DDO team don’t get paid and I have to send staff home early – help me to be able to continue to provide a service for you!

  • Provide 48 hours notice of cancellation to avoid a cancellation fee of $60
  • With the exception of Saturdays which have no daycare, dogs must be collected by the advertised daily closing time.  Failure to do so will incur late fees of $1 per minute after our closing times.

* Please note we are unable to groom large dogs on Saturdays.

Full terms and conditions of the VIP Program can be found on our website.

We’ve had a small price increase (sigh) which will be reflected in your booking rate.


1. Log In to the online booking site
2. Book your forward appointments until the end of June 2025

3. Wait for Sue to approve the appointments – you will receive an email.



A text message appointment reminder will be sent 3 days before each of your scheduled appointments from our automated texting service. A response is required.

Note 1: the dedicated appointment confirmation number is an automated computer system and cannot be used for phone calls or other communication (+61 481 606 310) Only reply according to the instructions given in the text message, “yes” or “no”.

“y” or “n” or any other characters will NOT BE recognised.


Note 2: If you get stuck, please text Sue on 0403 418 835. Please avoid phone calls during this busy pre-booking period (March/April).

When you Self-Book Online ASAP you are more likely to get the grooming dates that suit you.